Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Music | Current Picks #2

It has been a while since I indulged in the singer-songwriter genre but it is definitely a genre close to my heart. Within that genre specifically, is one made entirely of women who live or grew up locally to me. Todays current music picks is a collation of three women from Brisbane, or nearby, that are winning in the folk singer-songwriter genre. 

Sahara Beck

I start with Sahara because she sparked the idea behind this post. I first met Sahara at BIGSOUND Live last year (2013) whilst running one of their venues. If I hadn't been informed I was looking after a minor there would have been next to no indication that this young woman was so. With maturity beyond her years and lyrics to reflect that, I hope to see this talent flow on for years to come. If you get a chance to see this young lass in the next year or two, take it because she won't be a small 'local artist' for long. 

Thelma Plum

Another young Brisbane artist pricking the ears of many (if not slightly more) music fans around is Thelma Plum. She won hearts last year with her EP release of Rosie and continues the trend with her most recent EP Monsters and the single How Much Does Your Love Cost?  I've mentioned her on here before but her style has changed and matured in the last 12 months. Definitely give this single a listen, and the rest of the EP if you feel inclined. 

The Phoncurves

A collation of my favourite female vocal duo, The Phoncurves. Jess and I first heard this act supporting one of our favourite folk artists, Passenger, and I knew they a unique sound. I love the sound of female voices working together; and with a pairing like this how could I not. I have the highest of hopes for these two talented women because this is my favourite genre of music and to see more success stories would mean it is increasing in popularity. And that can only mean good things.

Who are your favourite local vocalists? I'm always keen to hear new music so shoot us a message of comment below.

Happy hump-day!
Erin xx

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