Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Monthly Round-Up | June

Eat and Drink
Wagaya, Fortitude Valley

I literally discovered this restaurant on the last day of June. As a massive lover of Japanese food I have wanted to try it out for months but never had the time or right friends to accompany me.  I have been blown away and am headed back there tonight and probably twice more in the coming week or two. 

I think their cuisine could be classified as Japanese fusion because there are several things on the menu that are crossing several other Asian cultures. This might frustrate some people but I adore it. Their menu is so ridiculously expansive and well priced that I could eat here every night for a month and still not try every dish. 

The restaurant sports beautiful relaxing decor, gorgeous facilities for large groups and functions and some fancy technology at each table allowing you to order whenever you like. 

I highly recommend Wagaya to anyone in Brisbane or Sydney as there are two there as well. 

Thai Wi Rat, Fortitude Valley

Several doors up from Wagaya sits my favourite Asian restaurant in all of Brisbane. Thai Wi Rat won my heart several months ago when I was coaxed into trying their sensation chicken larb and sticky rice. I have not looked back since. This is not a regular haunt for me and my lady pals and I have also brought my family here several times to convince them to love stick rice as much as myself. 

They have a combination of Thai-Laos food which fresh, spicy and cooked to perfection. No dish is yet to let me down and I have tried quite a large handful of them. They're opening hours allow me to feed my addiction almost any time of the day or night and there is always room for more diners no matter how busy (frequently very busy). 

I also highly recommend this amazing gem hiding in plain sight in Brisbane's China Town Mall. 

Grace of Monaco 

A lot of people have informed me of their dislike for Nicole Kidman. If you are one of those people who's opinion cannot be swayed, then reading this review is not worth your time. I however, adore the woman in the roles she is cast in. She plays beautiful, elegant women exactly the way I believe they should be portrayed. 

Grace of Monaco caused a stir amongst many royalists out there for its glorification of certain issues surrounding Grace Kelly's life and political happenings in Monaco. Not being alive during the time this happened and never having heard much of her life, I took the movie as a work of fiction loosely based on the life Kelly. I believe taking in movies as nothing more than beautiful entertainment and if their is truth to be known then researching its reliability yourself. 

This movie has beautiful cinematography utilising the famous close up shots of Grace Kelly's face. The costuming is perfection as well as the attention to detail in the sets and scenery. I was thoroughly entertained by the entire creation; highly recommend. 

Tegan and Sara - Heart Throb

I will admit this is only a recent addition to my music library however, Tegan and Sara's album Heart Throb has been in my ears so consistently for the last week and a half that I had to include it. The tone of this album is so different to other music I've been listening to lately; much more upbeat with lyrics definitely based in relationship experiences. Their instrumentation and vocal collaboration is beautifully done and mastered to perfection. I haven't listen to their previous albums but am totally doing so when my obsession with this album is over. 

Vintage Mens Shoes

When I recently picked up the rather sensible shoes on the left (for $2.50) I realised that I actually own quite a few mens shoes. Since the weather has cooled down I have been living in my latticed grandpa loafers and was convinced that another pair of flat brown leather shoes probably wouldn't go astray. My feet are quite large and wide (TMI but who cares) and so I fit comfortably into a mens size 8; a fairly common size I am led to believe. I love this style of shoe paired with cuffed high-waisted pants. With my style being fairly girl I like to think it brings outfits back down to earth. Also, they're hell'a comfy and thats what matters most. 

Hope you all had a great June. Share some of your favourites with us down below.

Happy Wednesday!
Erin xx

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