Monday, 14 July 2014

What's in my Bag | Cameras

Hi lovelies! So I posted awhile back about my Copper River bag that I had purchased to tote around all my camera bits here. Whilst I still love that bag due to its size I tend to carry it around when I am also taking my laptop and tripod out with me. 

Therefore I needed a solution for carrying around my camera. This was actually very serendipitous as a lovely friend actually gave me this bag for my birthday. As it turned out it was the perfect size for me for everyday. It fits both my camera and an extra lens, my wallet, iPod and phone. And really that's all I need most days. 

I think leather satchel bags really lend themselves to being great camera bags, as their structure and sturdiness protect you camera well. I've been constantly using my camera now, as I've always got it on me.

As this bag was a gift I haven't got an exact link for it, however this one is from ASOS. They have a broad selection of satchels on there in some beautiful colour. If you fancy a browse click here

What are your current favourite bags?

Jess x

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