Wednesday, 31 July 2013

OOTD | Down the Rabbit Hole

Follow The White Rabbit Leggings - The Orphan's Arms via ASOS / Oversized knit top - Thrifted / Potter's Field Check Shirt - Mink Pink / Multicoloured knitted cardigan - handmade by my Granny / Black Leather Riding Boots - Greg Grant Saddlery / Galaxy Apocalips - Rimmel via ASOS

Something you'll notice in my outfit posts in the coming weeks (maybe months) is that I have an ever growing collection of eccentric knitwear. My parents have just returned the majority of my collection to me and I cannot get enough of it. When I see a crazy knit in an op shop or vintage store, or even my mother's wardrobe, I grab them as fast as I can and hold on for dear life before someone reminds me that Brisbane is too warm to wear them for most of the year. But that aside, welcome to my crazy world of knits.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Review | Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Laquers (L-R) in Galaxy, Phenomenon, Stellar
Hi lovelies! So this is a bit of a first for us, but today we'll both be giving you our thoughts on the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Laquers. If you live in the UK then we're miles behind the times, but it takes a while for new products to work their way onto Australian shelves. Erin and I definitely enable each other when it comes to shopping so often we end up with the same products. We thought it'd be good to get two opinions on the one product. 

Erin: When Jess and I stumbled across these in our favourite Priceline a few weeks back I think we both fell a little in love. My love however was a little misguided as I selected a slightly awkward nude colour, Phenomenon. I loved the colour on the back of my hand but had no idea how it would appear on my face. My first application was too thick and I was instantly sad and slightly unimpressed with my impulsive purchase. 

However, after a few days of fiddling and colour mixing I discovered that a much lighter coverage was needed for a wearable look. It is also really lovely mixed with Rimmel's Lasting Finish lipstick in 103 for a muted but glossy nude. 

Considering my initial disappointment with the product it is quite humorous to think that I would go and buy another. Yet when it popped up on ASOS I couldn't resist and purchased it in a colour much easier to wear, Galaxy. 

Jess: Now it's no secret that I love a bright lip. So when I was tossing up between the shades Stellar leapt out at me. It's one of the strange shades that isn't quite coral and not quite red, but I love it. 

I also generally like my lip products matte. I knew what I was getting into with this product, but it was on special and I figured why not. I love the overall consistency and think it's a great product. That being said I wouldn't reach for this product over my matte lipsticks. 

I prefer being able to swipe on a lipstick and forget it's there. With this product I find myself needing to touch up more frequently and it's much easier to smudge. Like I said I think the product is fantastic quality, especially for the price it just isn't my cup of tea.

So a hit for Erin but a miss for me. Guess it shows how different people have different tastes. To sum up great product but make sure you pick the right colour and like a glossy finish.

Rimmel Apocalips can be bought from Pricelines or on ASOS with free shipping. 

Jess and Erin xx

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Review | Himalayan Sea Salt Soap

A while back I did a tiny haul post of completely unnecessary luxury items. I have since discovered they are totally necessary in my life and I don't want to live without them. In particular, this bar of soap made from Himalayan sea salt. I hadn't even taken off the plastic packaging in this photo and I am now contemplating my second purchase of this miracle cleansing and exfoliating product. 

Friday, 26 July 2013

OOTD | At the End of the Day

 Blazer Thrifted / Cardigan Thrifted / T-Shirt 10,000 Days / Scarf Thrifted / Belt American Apparel / Jeans BDG via Urban Outfitters / Shoes Jeffrey Campbell Anehalls

Hi lovelies! Another day another outfit. This is for when you have to run out straight from work to drinks with friends, but don't want to look like you've come straight from work. This might vary depending on your job, but I have a company shirt that I have to wear everyday with black jeans. These have been my favourite high waisted jeans for a while now. They're inexpensive, comfy and fit true to size. My original pair is still going strong although they do stretch so if anything I would advise getting a size down from your usual. 

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Review | Rimmel Lash Accelerator

I know I'm a bit behind with this review but in all honesty, mascara is not the first product I lust over when it comes to black goop to apply to my eyes; liquid liner girl forever. However, I was recently in the need of a new mascara and the blogosphere (and Jess) sent me in this direction. 

Monday, 22 July 2013

Review | Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Wood

 Hi lovelies! What is up with the weather at the moment? Yesterday was all gorgeous sunshine and today it's dreary and grey and all I want to do is snuggle up in bed. Sadly university starts back today, so I have been forced into the outside world. In an attempt to inject some sunshine into my day I decided to photograph these shoes for you. They never fail to make me smile and I love wearing them in summer. 

Thankfully it will soon be warm enough to wear them, as they don't get much love in the wintertime. Neon peep toes, light wood, and black tights sadly don't mix. These are the Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Wood in Neon Orange. One of JC's staple shoes they are always new designs of these being pumped out. 

Sunday, 21 July 2013

OOTD | Oh How Hibiscus

Sandbank Dress - Gorman / long tweed coat - thrifted / 70 denier black opaque tights - VooDoo / sunglasses - Sportsgirl / tan suede boots - Windsor Smith

How I wish the weather was still as beautiful as it was in these photos. Winter is such a confusing time of year because we expect it to be cold but sunny and it never quite is; rain always seems to catch us off guard and dampen the season. Anyway, this is a quick outfit post of something I put together recently right before I was due to get my fringe trimmed (as you can see it is sneakily pinned back to hide my shame). 

Like many things in Gorman, I had lusted over this dress until I found it on sale earlier this year. It is the perfect drop-waist dress made from a super soft but firm cotton with the most perfectly positioned pockets (for a dress anyway). As it has been getting colder it has been getting neglected quite seriously but on this warmer day I decided to whip it out to celebrate. It does have a boat neckline and angular sleeves so it needs strict guidance when under a jacket. 

Friday, 19 July 2013

About Face | Pretty in Pink

Hi lovelies! I don't think pink has ever been my favourite colour, yet here I am with a face of make up in entirely pink shades. Recently I have been skipping the smokey eyes and liner in favour of quick and long-lasting. For a girl who loves her eyeliner it's been a nice change, and I'm loving the extra time in bed. 

Erin and I were both slightly obsessed with tracking down the new shades of the 24 hour Colour Tattoo eyeshadows from Maybelline. I ended up in far too many Pricelines that day but the eyeshadow was worth it. It's a frosted pink (swatch far left) that makes for a quick fix in the mornings and pairs perfectly with my Sleek blusher in Pixie Pink (swatch in middle). Above I paired it with a warm brown in the crease for a look that's done in minutes. All it needs it a quick coat of mascara.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Review | Japanese Brow Pencil

Is it Wednesday already? This week is flying by so quickly. So, I've been thinking, seeing as it is new to me, I should share what I've been doing with brows of late. I've been trying this medium brown brow pencil that I scored in Daiso (a cheap $2.80 Japanese store) and have been really impressed with it. I thought that perhaps at that price it would just be something I would use to experiment with the whole 'filled in brow' concept but the product itself is actually fairly great.

It is a fairly accurate colour for my hair and wears for a surprisingly long time which is normally at least a twelve hour wear. It conveniently comes with its own little spooly brush on the other end and a spare lid. Also, I am a big fan of pencil products that are self-sharpening. Nothing annoys me more than having to sharpen product when you're in a rush or the feeling of a blunt tip against my skin.

If you, like myself, have never ventured into the world of brows, it's totally not worth being afraid and is quite addictive once you get going. 

All in all, if you see this product around (probably not likely) it is much more impressive than its price tag. However, when I do run out I will probably be searching for another brow product so if you know of any that I should hunt down and try let me know in the comments.

See you on Sunday!

Erin xx

Monday, 15 July 2013

Nails | The Perfect Nude

Hi lovelies! I would just like to say that hands are really awkward things to photograph. And I guess you don't really notice that until you're looking through a mega-zoom lens. Anyways onto the nail polish. I don't know if any of you remember from my last nail post (handy link here) but my job allows me the extensive choice of red or nude nails. 

Ever since I started I was on the hunt for that elusive perfect nude. And it was harder to find than I anticipated. Some were too brown, some too nude, some too pink. It's amazing how many variations on skin tone are out there. When the Barry M Gelly Polishes were released last year I saw a shade that looked perfect. Sadly I live about 16, 000 kilometres away from purchasing the polishes in store. 

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Recipe | Tomato and Basil Pasta

I am a big enthusiast for deliciously simple food; some of us call it peasant food. A few really simple, yet beautiful, ingredients can make a really special dish. This pasta dish has been a favourite of mine, and my family's, forever. It is quick and easy to cook and full of rich flavour. After an overload of dumplings (recipe coming soon) and other Asian delights, I invited Jess over for a night of classic Italian where we enjoyed this dish.

Friday, 12 July 2013

OOTD | All Mesh

Beanie Band Merch / Lipstick Hourglass Rouge Opaque in Raven / Jumper NastyGal / Jeans Gorman High Waisted Cords / Shoes River Island via ASOS / Jacket Charlie Brown

Hi lovelies! Much as I love summer, I am not sure what I'll do when it's too hot to wear beanies. Today's beanie offering is from one of my favourite Australian bands, Karnivool. I'd really recommend a listen and they've got a new album out soon. 

In case previous outfits haven't clued you in I am a bit of a fan of black. One of my favourite ways to wear an all black ensemble is with some silver accessories. Silver rings and silver shoes break up the black a little, as does my usual red lipstick. In my last post I mentioned I was cleaning out my shoe closet, well I rediscovered these beauties. So simple, but I love the way they the catch the sunlight

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

OOTD | A Comfortable Tale

Black Velvet Leggings - Mika and Gala / Navy Floral Shift - Vintage sourced via Ra Ra Superstar / Grey Hoodie - Table8 Activewear / Denim Chambray Shirt - Thrifted / Black 8-eye Dr. Martens - Thrifted / Lips - 'Over' by Illamasqua 

This weeks OOTD is another that practically represents everything I look for in an outfit to wear to work; comfortable but suitably reflecting my retro/vintage style. Before we start getting all technical about my jacket combination, I do not own a denim jacket and until recently have  not seen a huge reason to own one. Living in Brisbane it is not always denim jacket weather and so any denim over-clothing craving I've ever had has been pacified by this amazingly practical chambray shirt. However, after wearing this combination day-in-day-out I am desperately seeking out the perfectly oversized denim jacket (with Jess' snazzy eBay skills). 

The navy floral shift you see is one of my favourite vintage purchases with some wonderful memories attached to it. During the Summer after my last year at school I attended Woodford Folk Festival (for the first of many times) and after restraining from spending my hard earned pennies all week long, I splashed out on the last day on this beauty. It is so super practical to wear with leggings or stockings and bike short-shorts. 

Up until Winter last year I was an avid activist against leggings. I hated people wearing them and I loathed wearing them myself. This was until I realised that we have moved forward to a time where not all leggings are low-rise. Enter the perfectly priced pair of decent quality velvet leggings. I'm still yet to invest in another pair but I do love these dearly. They work perfectly with my Dr. Martens or Jeffery Campbell Litas. 

And thats my outfit for this week. You may have noticed in the last few posts that I have started adding brows to the morning makeup ritual. It isn't very complicated but if you'd like to see what products I use and how I do it, let me know in the comments.

Erin xx

Monday, 8 July 2013

Review | Copper River Bags

Hi lovelies! As many of you know all my photos since the beginning of June have been taken with my Canon 60D camera. Photography was always a hobby I was interested in, but never pursued until we started the blog. I knew that when I made the investment in the camera I also wanted to invest in a bag that would allow me to carry my equipment securely whilst still looking fashionable. After investing so much money into the camera I refused to let it become something I left at home due to its size. 

I knew that I wanted a leather satchel, black naturally, that would also function as a bag for university. After having no luck in any Australian stores I turned to the internet. eBay was a dud and various online stores were charging an absolute bomb for bags that weren't even genuine leather.  


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