Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Shopping | Louis & Sons Delicatessen Haul

At the beginning of this year, a new delicatessen graced my local high street, Stones Corner, with its presence. It has taken me several months (I keep walking by after hours) but I finally got to Louis & Sons and, me oh my, I am they're newest fan. Once I saw the prices on their high quality items I picked up goodies with very little restraint and will definitely be heading back in the near future.

First things first, I could not leave a deli without purchasing olives. Louis & Sons stock a fairly broad range from Mount Zero so I picked up some green manzanilla olives at the best price I've ever seen any Mount Zero olives for. I will definitely be returning whenever I need to restock on the rest of their range. I also got some wild olives from Pendleton to sample another companies take on the variety. 

The next thing I found is a very polarising item which belongs in the seafood category. There are many people in this world who will turn their nose up at fresh seafood and even more at processed. I, however, belong to neither of these groups of people and revel in the fact that it simply means: more for me (except when my family is involved). There were a few different varieties of seafood pastes on offer and even though they were all appealing to me the mussels stood out from the rest. This delight works as a dip for crackers and also as the main ingredient in a puttanesca variation I cooked recently (blog post coming). 

Sadly, these last two items have been my least favourite of the haul. There is nothing particularly wrong with the charcoal lavoche except that they are fairly plain and unassuming. I agree that it is best for accompaniments like crackers to be that way but I was expecting something a little more interesting from the charcoal. 

The cheese would have to be the biggest let down. It generally takes a lot for me to dislike food, particularly one labelled Premium Vintage Cheddar BUT I a not a fan of this cheese by  the Kenilworth dairy. It had a strange after taste and sourness to it that almost makes me think it is past its best before... if thats possible. 

One tiny bit of a disappointment in an otherwise lovely haul from Louis & Sons. If you're a Brisbane southside local, I highly recommend checking this newish delicatessen out. The prices are great, as are the products. 

Happy hump-day lovelies!
Erin xx

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