Sunday, 29 June 2014

OOTD | Blue Gold

Denim Dungarees - thrifted / Sheer Magenta Blouse - thrifted / Argo platform sandals - Jeffery Campbell / Amethyst pendant - Corky Saint Clair

Here I go again with my denim obsession. I'm sorry, I can't be helped but I don't know if there are any more pieces out there to purchase. These are another long lusted over and hunted for item. Long denim dungarees have been in stores and 'in style' the last season or so but I couldn't commit to any I had seen. Believing in fate is a huge part of thrifting so waiting for the item to find you gives me a huge sense of accomplishment. These dungarees were literally just placed on the rack by the shop volunteer when I snatched them up; meant to be.
I am so glad to have found these beauties in time for the cooler weather and will be wearing these so much more in the months to come. Paired with feminine tops and sandals its hard to even imagine the work that these overalls have done in their life. 

Its been mega windy up on the east coast this weekend so lots of denim layers have been keeping me warm. 

Happy Sunday!
Erin xx

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