Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Review | Japanese Brow Pencil

Is it Wednesday already? This week is flying by so quickly. So, I've been thinking, seeing as it is new to me, I should share what I've been doing with brows of late. I've been trying this medium brown brow pencil that I scored in Daiso (a cheap $2.80 Japanese store) and have been really impressed with it. I thought that perhaps at that price it would just be something I would use to experiment with the whole 'filled in brow' concept but the product itself is actually fairly great.

It is a fairly accurate colour for my hair and wears for a surprisingly long time which is normally at least a twelve hour wear. It conveniently comes with its own little spooly brush on the other end and a spare lid. Also, I am a big fan of pencil products that are self-sharpening. Nothing annoys me more than having to sharpen product when you're in a rush or the feeling of a blunt tip against my skin.

If you, like myself, have never ventured into the world of brows, it's totally not worth being afraid and is quite addictive once you get going. 

All in all, if you see this product around (probably not likely) it is much more impressive than its price tag. However, when I do run out I will probably be searching for another brow product so if you know of any that I should hunt down and try let me know in the comments.

See you on Sunday!

Erin xx

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