Wednesday, 31 July 2013

OOTD | Down the Rabbit Hole

Follow The White Rabbit Leggings - The Orphan's Arms via ASOS / Oversized knit top - Thrifted / Potter's Field Check Shirt - Mink Pink / Multicoloured knitted cardigan - handmade by my Granny / Black Leather Riding Boots - Greg Grant Saddlery / Galaxy Apocalips - Rimmel via ASOS

Something you'll notice in my outfit posts in the coming weeks (maybe months) is that I have an ever growing collection of eccentric knitwear. My parents have just returned the majority of my collection to me and I cannot get enough of it. When I see a crazy knit in an op shop or vintage store, or even my mother's wardrobe, I grab them as fast as I can and hold on for dear life before someone reminds me that Brisbane is too warm to wear them for most of the year. But that aside, welcome to my crazy world of knits.

Another product I've just received are these super awesome Follow The White Rabbit leggings by The Orphan's Arms. I spotted them on ASOS about a year ago when I first decided I could delve into the world of leggings but they were way too expensive for me to purchase before I knew if I would even wear them. I had completely forgotten about these beauties until I saw them for a sneaky bargain in the most recent ASOS 70% clearance and snapped them up super fast. They're a light cotton, mid-rise legging and land just above my ankle. Ideally I'd like them to be a little longer but I'm not too upset - at 172cm not everything can suit my height. 

Lastly, I have a rarity in this post; I'm wearing new boots! I have had two very staple and reliable pairs of boots for the best part of three years and have recently invested in a new pair to take the wait off of my favourites. These are just basic riding boots that I picked up for a great price at my local saddlery, Greg Grant. 

And that is all for this weeks outfit. You can see a full review of my lip colour here and information about my two blouses here and here.

Hope you're all enjoying your week and if you're not, that my crazy bright knit cheered you up a little

Erin xx


  1. I love this!! feel free to visit and follow my blog :) thanks

  2. I have the same problem! I love outrageous knitted items but its too hot right now to where them...I'll just have to wait. Love your boots/tights



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