Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Review | Rimmel Lash Accelerator

I know I'm a bit behind with this review but in all honesty, mascara is not the first product I lust over when it comes to black goop to apply to my eyes; liquid liner girl forever. However, I was recently in the need of a new mascara and the blogosphere (and Jess) sent me in this direction. 

For me, there are a few boxes mascara needs to tick to impress me: longer lashes, non-clumping, and long wear. However, I don't generally tend to be hugely disappointed if the product I buy doesn't achieve those and simply use it up as quick as possible. 

Rimmel's Lash Accelerator has so far proven to tick all of those boxes. I've been using it for about two weeks now and I've definitely noticed a high quality and better consistency than products I've used in the past. I normally keep my mascaras way longer than the recommended three months and forget what it's like to have a fresh one. So apart from this being incredibly refreshing and nicer to use than my old, dried out mascara, it is also a much nicer product than I'm used to. 

My lashes have a pretty nice natural curl so my review of its ability to hold a curl is probably not going to be very accurate but I think if you were trying to achieve that you definitely could.

I am definitely a fan of this product but like I said, I use mascaras for long time before I purchase another so there will probably be another newer one on the market by the time I am ready to find a new one. 

Happy hump-day!
Erin xx


  1. Oooh I really want to try this now! I just bought Maybelline's The Rocket to try out, so will have to use that up first!

    1. Aw man I'm so jealous! We don't have The Rocket here in Australia yet. Super sadness :(
      Erin xx



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