Friday, 5 July 2013

Playlist | Fronts Like These

I find that music really helps get me through the cold fronts that brace beautiful Brisbane at this time of the year. I see a lot less live music, probably because it's much to cold to go out but I seem to have the highest quantity of new and old tunes streaming through my headphones. I go to music for comfort and memories as well as for something to make me feel less like a cold blooded animal unable to move without sunshine. 

I've put together this playlist of songs that have helped me get going in the last few weeks. Some of them are new tunes and some are older (not by much) and well loved. 

I'm unsure if I've admitted to this previously but I have a unashamed love for Australian hip-hop and am so happy that Aussie greats, Bliss n Eso, have finally released a new album. The opening track had me hooked straight away as I really love to listen to Chaplin's amazing diction and intonation in his  inspiration speech from The Dictator. The Bliss n Eso boys now how to impress me by using some of my favourite Australian songs of the last few years including Sarah Blasko's  We Won't Run and Blue Juice's Act Your Age. 

Alt-J - Fitzpleasure
Bliss n Eso - Can't Get Rid Of This Feeling (feat. Daniel Merriweather)
Daft Punk - Beyond
Lisa Mitchell - The Present 
First Aid Kit - Wolf
Alt-J - Breezeblocks
Austra - Home
Bliss n Eso - Next Frontier 
Lisa Mitchell - You Pretty Thing

Like always I don't like to over analyse the music on here too much. This isn't really a review of any of the music and you're all entitled to your own opinion on something as personal as music. These are just some of the tracks I've been loving recently and thought they'd all fit rather well into a playlist for your ears to enjoy. 

Let me know if you enjoyed listening and if you too are a secret lover of Australian hip-hop. 

Erin xx

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