Saturday, 6 July 2013

OOTD | Down by the River

Hat UNIF Concho Hat / Lipstick Mac 'So Chaud' / Shirt Romwe / Jumper American Apparel Fisherman Jumper / Belt Thrifted / Jeans UNIF Slacker Jeans / Shoes UNIF Hellraisers 

Hi lovelies! UNIF appear to be ruling my closet and it certainly isn't a hostile takeover. Sorry I've been watching a lot of Game of Thrones recently and somehow thought my love for UNIF and the TV show could be aligned in a messy metaphor. I didn't quite pull it off... ah well. 

This was an outfit I wore on a catch up with Erin last night, comfy and casual. As usual denim and black prevail, with the only colour coming from my lipstick.  
Let us all take a moment to appreciate the magnificence of my new hat. I have been lusting after it for many a month and Erin and Honor very kindly gifted it to me as a belated birthday present. My love for this hat is so strong it managed to persuade me to take my ever present beanie off. 

The jumper and printed shirt are staple pieces for me and work well with the star of the outfit, the jeans. I find ripped and torn up denim so satisfying to wear. Admittedly with a lot of time, patience and bleach I could have gotten the same effect with a thrifted pair of jeans, but these were on sale. I've had them for ages, although once again UNIF sizing on their pants is rather confusing. In case you're wondering mine are in a 27 and they are miillleesss too big. The belt peeking out in the above photos thankfully prevents them from falling down. 

My shoes were my UNIF Hellraisers, standard. At least I'm not wearing my creepers. You all know how extensive my shoe collection is, but sometimes I just get hooked on one pair. I am sorting through the collection so expect to see some forgotten treasures emerging. 

Have you scored any bargains in the sales? Please tell me I'm not the only one with a problem.

Jess xx

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  1. I love that jumper :) Game of Thrones is amazing! Im getting withdrawal symptoms already and its not even been off screen for very long haha
    Jessica xx



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