Monday, 29 July 2013

Review | Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Laquers (L-R) in Galaxy, Phenomenon, Stellar
Hi lovelies! So this is a bit of a first for us, but today we'll both be giving you our thoughts on the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Laquers. If you live in the UK then we're miles behind the times, but it takes a while for new products to work their way onto Australian shelves. Erin and I definitely enable each other when it comes to shopping so often we end up with the same products. We thought it'd be good to get two opinions on the one product. 

Erin: When Jess and I stumbled across these in our favourite Priceline a few weeks back I think we both fell a little in love. My love however was a little misguided as I selected a slightly awkward nude colour, Phenomenon. I loved the colour on the back of my hand but had no idea how it would appear on my face. My first application was too thick and I was instantly sad and slightly unimpressed with my impulsive purchase. 

However, after a few days of fiddling and colour mixing I discovered that a much lighter coverage was needed for a wearable look. It is also really lovely mixed with Rimmel's Lasting Finish lipstick in 103 for a muted but glossy nude. 

Considering my initial disappointment with the product it is quite humorous to think that I would go and buy another. Yet when it popped up on ASOS I couldn't resist and purchased it in a colour much easier to wear, Galaxy. 

Jess: Now it's no secret that I love a bright lip. So when I was tossing up between the shades Stellar leapt out at me. It's one of the strange shades that isn't quite coral and not quite red, but I love it. 

I also generally like my lip products matte. I knew what I was getting into with this product, but it was on special and I figured why not. I love the overall consistency and think it's a great product. That being said I wouldn't reach for this product over my matte lipsticks. 

I prefer being able to swipe on a lipstick and forget it's there. With this product I find myself needing to touch up more frequently and it's much easier to smudge. Like I said I think the product is fantastic quality, especially for the price it just isn't my cup of tea.

So a hit for Erin but a miss for me. Guess it shows how different people have different tastes. To sum up great product but make sure you pick the right colour and like a glossy finish.

Rimmel Apocalips can be bought from Pricelines or on ASOS with free shipping. 

Jess and Erin xx

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