Sunday, 7 July 2013

Review | Jackpot Noodle's New Home

Jess and I spent some quality time together last week taking photos, shopping new and cheap beauty products, and investigating the new location of one of our favourite places for cheap eats; Jackpot Noodles. We are frequent visitors to its other locations and thought we should check out it's new home Elizabeth Street. 

The food is not particularly exciting if you're a connoisseur of traditional Australian-Chinese but it is executed very well for a great price; hence our fandom. Jess had a staple choice of hers, cashew chicken, I had a platter of roast pork and duck, and we both indulged in our addiction: edamame. 

When we're after a cheap, healthy meal for a great price, we know that Jackpot can do us no wrong. It's other restaurants are licensed and we assume that is the direction this new location is headed in. It is about three times as large as Jackpot's other homes and I think it could be a great place for a large gathering or event. 

Jess and I are always on the look out for places similar to this (not necessarily in food style but in availability) in Brisbane, so if you're a Brisbane-ite, please comment below with places we should try and review on here as well.

Happy Sunday!
Erin xx

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