Tuesday, 9 July 2013

OOTD | A Comfortable Tale

Black Velvet Leggings - Mika and Gala / Navy Floral Shift - Vintage sourced via Ra Ra Superstar / Grey Hoodie - Table8 Activewear / Denim Chambray Shirt - Thrifted / Black 8-eye Dr. Martens - Thrifted / Lips - 'Over' by Illamasqua 

This weeks OOTD is another that practically represents everything I look for in an outfit to wear to work; comfortable but suitably reflecting my retro/vintage style. Before we start getting all technical about my jacket combination, I do not own a denim jacket and until recently have  not seen a huge reason to own one. Living in Brisbane it is not always denim jacket weather and so any denim over-clothing craving I've ever had has been pacified by this amazingly practical chambray shirt. However, after wearing this combination day-in-day-out I am desperately seeking out the perfectly oversized denim jacket (with Jess' snazzy eBay skills). 

The navy floral shift you see is one of my favourite vintage purchases with some wonderful memories attached to it. During the Summer after my last year at school I attended Woodford Folk Festival (for the first of many times) and after restraining from spending my hard earned pennies all week long, I splashed out on the last day on this beauty. It is so super practical to wear with leggings or stockings and bike short-shorts. 

Up until Winter last year I was an avid activist against leggings. I hated people wearing them and I loathed wearing them myself. This was until I realised that we have moved forward to a time where not all leggings are low-rise. Enter the perfectly priced pair of decent quality velvet leggings. I'm still yet to invest in another pair but I do love these dearly. They work perfectly with my Dr. Martens or Jeffery Campbell Litas. 

And thats my outfit for this week. You may have noticed in the last few posts that I have started adding brows to the morning makeup ritual. It isn't very complicated but if you'd like to see what products I use and how I do it, let me know in the comments.

Erin xx


  1. That looks soo comfortable :)
    Jessica xx

  2. Love the colors you used here. Love the chambray shirt and the pleats on the dress!




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