Monday, 1 July 2013

Shoes | UNIF Hellbounds

 Hi lovelies! If you follow us on instagram then you may have noticed that I recently purchased the UNIF Hellbounds. I have been obsessed with them since they arrived, but wanted to give them a thorough testing before reviewing them on the blog. 

Here are the stats for you: three inch platform, six inch heel, and the black pair comes with three sets of laces. These are a big pair of shoes. In these I reach over six foot... and I'm usually 5ft6". I have to admit that I love the height boost they give though, they'll definitely get you noticed. 

In terms of "walkabilty" (definitely a word) I find these shoes really easy now. On their first outing I was a little wary just as the platform is higher than my usual Jeffrey Campbells. For a fairly experience heel wearer I can't see these being a problem. However there's no way I would recommend these to a beginner. I am fortunate to have strong ankles after years of dance, but taking a tumble in these would hurt. 

If you're desperate to wear these shoes, but intimidated by the height, I would recommend starting with something slightly more manageable, like a Lita. Getting used to the sensation of the platform is definitely the hardest part, after that you're set.

I love the interchangeable laces on the shoes. It allows three different looks. Personally I'm a big fan of lace-up heels as you can get really great ankle support. Even though the shoes have zippers up the sides, I find that I still need to re-lace them each time. This is probably because I wear my shoes very tight, but I can't say for certain. 

In terms of sizing I got these in an 8. UNIF annoyingly don't make half sizes, so I went up from my usual US 7.5. All my other UNIF shoes are in 8s as well, and I find they all fit great. I could have fit a size 7, however I wanted to allow room for socks. 

That's all I can think of to say about these shoes.

Happily bound for hell,

Jess xx


  1. I wish I was a lot shorter so I could actually get a way with wearing them. They are sooo cool!
    Jessica xx

  2. OMG SO COOL!!!

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