Wednesday, 30 January 2013

My Vote - Triple J's Hottest 100 2012

For those of you who aren't Australia, don't care for the radio, or are somewhere in Australia that manages to miss one of Australia Day's biggest events (sans the Australia of The Year Awards), Triple J (our biggest publicly funded, youth centred radio station) hosts and plays the hottest 100 tracks from the previous year voted for by us.

When voting each year, I normally try to have a good range in what I vote for but I don't think I stuck to that this year. I spent a lot of this year isolated from the radio and my musical discoveries were heavily dictated by what sought out my ears rather than the other way around. I think that also says something about successful musicians. If I can be so distant and distracted from finding the music and it still makes its way to my ears - its worth my time and I'm going to love it. Especially with musicians like Chance Waters who would have to be my breakthrough Australian artist of 2012. 

Classic choices like Regina Spektor, Ben Folds Five and The Black Keys (all of which I saw live last year and loved every minute of) are in there for obvious reasons. I would put all of Regina and Ben's albums in there if I could but unfortunately you can only vote for songs they have given air time to. I was also glad that The Black Keys didn't release ALL of their songs as singles last year when they released El Camino so I had another chance to vote them into a Hottest 100. 

Unsurprisingly, Of Monsters and Men made it into my top ten, twice. I have this playlist that I listen to when going to sleep at night that is comprised of Icelandic musicians; Sigor Ros, Emiliana Torrini, Bjork, Seabear, Jonsi and many more. There is something so soothing and chilled out about music that comes from that part of the world. I'm sure someone knows what it is but I love the mystery and assuming its simply icy magic. 

The Temper Trap and Purity Ring are unusual choices for me but I just couldn't get those three songs out of my head. They are unexplainable but that doesn't make them any less amazing. Particularly Miracle - one of my all time favourite tracks. 

All the Row Boats - Regina Spektor
Little Black Submarines - The Black Keys
Maybe Tomorrow (feat. Lilian Blue) - Chance Waters
Young and Dumb (feat. Bertie Blackman) - Chance Waters
Draw a Crowd - Ben Folds Five
Mountain Sound - Of Monster and Men
Little Talks - Of Monsters and Men
Need Your Love - The Temper Trap
Miracle - The Temper Trap
Fineshrine - Purity Ring

And there you have it, my top ten songs from 2012 and voted for in Triple J's Hottest 100. Eight of them made it in (the two left out being by The Temper Trap, sadly), so I think I did a reasonably good job. 

Like last time I posted a playlist, you can stream it on this blog post or you can listen to it on 8tracks. You don't need an account to listen but if you make one, be sure to follow us so we can listen to your tracks too.

Erin xx

Ps. I've been pretty sick for the last few days, unable to do much but lay in bed and mope to my friends and family about how much it sucks. I'm still in bed today but feeling a lot better - thankfully otherwise I probably wouldn't have the energy to write this or upload the songs to 8tracks. So excuse my lazy post please, its the best I could do today.

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