Friday, 1 February 2013

DIY Distressed Denim Vest

I have had this denim jacket for years. I think from memory since I was about twelve. However, as of late it has been languishing in the back of my cupboards forgotten about. One of my favourite things to do with oversized t-shirts is hack the sleeves off and I figured I could use the same principles here. So to make your very own denim vest you'll need - a jacket (duh), sharp scissors, a cheese grater and a quick unpick.

When it comes to cutting through denim it is a thick fabric and you'll need some sharp scissors in order to get through the seams. I opted to cut my sleeves just before the seam of the fabric, because although I want some fraying on the sleeves I do want that fraying to stop at some point. The cutting doesn't need to be neat or precise, personally I think it looks nicer a bit uneven.

Now to the fun part: the distressing. There is something very satisfying about hacking up a denim jacket so proceed with caution in case you let yourself get carried away. There are many ways to distress your denim. You can score the denim with scissors and then use a quick unpick to pull the threads out. The easiest way I find is to use the finest side of a cheese grater against the grain of the fabric. I like the effect this gives the most. The final step is to throw your jacket in the wash and then the dryer. This will get the fraying process on the sleeves started and emphasise any other distressing.

The rest is up to you. Personally I think this vest may end up covered in badges and patches, rather than studs and spikes. I think the badges will be a touch more personal than some shoulder studs. Anyways I am off to watch the post for the patches I picked up on eBay.

I'll be sure to show the vest in an upcoming OOTD.

Jess xx

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