Sunday, 6 January 2013


One of my brother Liam's most predictable qualities is that he buys gifts bound to surprise.  This Christmas was no different. Unbeknownst to Liam, I had seen this new So Frenchy So Chic around record stores in the last few months and not knowing many of the artists on it had thought 'I should probably save those pennies and keep listening to what I own.' 

I popped this album on to play Christmas morning during breakfast and everyone loved it. I couldn't wait to get it onto my laptop and iPhone so I could play it out endlessly. It covers so many genres it would be hard for anyone to not enjoy but one song. I think that occurs because of the origin of the mix being the Unofficial Soundtrack to the 2013 Alliance Française Film Festival. Created to please all ears in different ways. 

I'm not going to ramble on about each song because I think music is something you can enjoy without someone else's opinions hovering over you. I have however, picked out a small compilation from the double-disk album of some of my favourites. This isn't an extensive list of them and I could really go on forever. 

The 8tracks playlist at the top of the post includes: 
Salomé Leclerc - Partir Ensemble
Claire Lise - Ah Quel Soleil
Mia Lan - Easy
Laura Cahen - Mon Loup
Applause - Hope you're better
Maia Vidal - Follow Me
Lescop - Le Foret
Skip the Use - Ghost
Talisco - Your Wish

I really enjoyed this album and if and when I see previous years compilations I will more than likely pounce upon them to soak up as much French-indie-folk-pop as I can. 

You can purchase it here and I'm sure many other places as well. 
Hope you enjoy my playlist,

Erin xx

PS Jess and I have signed up and started using 8tracks (see side bar for blatant promotion) which is really awesomely handy for putting playlists together. You don't need an account to listen to our playlists but if you make one, follow us so we can listen to your mixes too.

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