Sunday, 27 January 2013

Juicy Treats

Juicing. It's a trend that has really exploded and I am completely happy to jump on for the ride. We bought my mum a juicer for Christmas and I have to admit, I might have been using it a bit more than her. I adore fruit, and although juicing vegetables might be more beneficial for me, I can't go past a good fruit juice in the morning. It's got plenty of natural sugars to kick start my day side-by-side with my muesli. 

So far this summer I've tried a few combinations and found some favourites. I love the kick that a bit of ginger or lime can give to a super sweet drink. It's definitely a bit heavenly. 

Today I made this beauty. I love the froth that a freshly juiced orange creates and the multiple colours that emerge when fruity froths swirl together. 

Using Breville's Juice Fountain Plus I juiced two oranges, one green apple and a lime and got about two of the cups you see to the left. I always like to hold back the froth with a spoon until the liquid is right near the top. The layered appearance just adds something special to the drink. 

I'm also a fan of using one red (preferably a Pink Lady) and one green apple to achieve different colouring. Juicing is such a good and healthy way to create. A few richly coloured berries can be a fabulous addition, although you want to make sure they're fresh as frozen just aren't the same in a juice - much better in smoothies. 

Have you found yourself caught up in the juicing and green smoothie whirlwind of late? Found any great combinations? 

Erin xx

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