Friday, 18 January 2013

Jeffrey Campbell Brazen Holgram

So surprise, surprise here's another pair of Jeffrey Campbell's to add to my collection. Continuing on from Erin's shiny shoe post on Wednesday (click here) I have also added some holo to the shoe collection.

Like many of my JC shoe purchases this one went through many of the same phases. The initial sighting, the horror that it was sold out, the hunt, the purchase and then the long wait for delivery. I was watching shoe unboxings on YouTube, as us addicts love to do, and stumbled across this. Sadly Wasteland were all sold out bar size 9s. Despondent I trawled the online shopping mall and found them on NastyGal. A swift log in to PayPal and they were on their way. I think NastyGal has since sold out in all sizes, however Solestruck has recently started stocking them

These are standard JC height of approximately 5 inches with a 2 inch platform. These are not as easy to walk in as Litas, predominantly because of the lack of support for you feet. Whilst there is definitely a higher "topple" factor with these I still feel pretty stable and comfy and have had no tumbles to date. These shoes are stunning in real life, though they may not be to everyone's taste and they certainly aren't an everyday shoe I adore them. The holographic-ness proved elusive to capture on camera, but they are so reflective and eye-catching in person. 

I got these in a US 7.5 in case anyone's wondering and I would reccomend getting them in your normal JC sizes. The leather at the front is quite hard and tight, but I think it needs to be with the shoe's design. 

Cinderella's glass slippers have got nothing on these.

Is anyone else jumping on the Holo bandwagon? 

Jess xx

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