Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Holographic Flatforms, Foreal?!

Wittner Foreal 01

Wittner Foreal 02

For a long time now, well since they came out when it was still boots and stockings weather last year, I pined for Wittner's Juci Wedges. I refrained though because they were $119.95 and I just couldn't justify it. I wouldn't wear them endlessly and I was going through particularly poor student times. Only a few months later, however, Wittner did me a gigantic favour. They released them in a flatform which I really just couldn't go past. I had been looking for an alternative flatform to the Christian Di Riccio pair I wear almost every day and these were it. Like most shoe stores with as many outlets as Wittner, I knew that come Boxing Day I would have a chance at a bargain. The lovely Jess (fellow blogger), pointed out to me that they were reduced and after a few days of umm'ing and ahh'ing I thought I might as well bite the bullet because they checked ALL my many boxes. 

They are magnificent. Everything I had hoped for and more. They sport a comfortable slope that feels virtually flat and enough support to hold in my precious feet. Some people might not be a fan of the velcro fastener but I think it suits the style and fabric of the shoe quite nicely - some what reminiscent of 1960s Sci-Fi (think
The Jetsons and Lost in Space). 

Like a lot of Wittner's shoes they are true to size and a 41 accommodates my 10-10.5 size feet nicely. I do have to secure my left foot in tighter than my right but thats something I'm used to and the velcro makes it super easy to do.

I haven't seen an abundance of these still left in stores around Melbourne but I have a feel I'm looking in the wrong ones. I do know however that they have a brilliant online store that sources from their locations and all sizes are still left here

I'm glad to have bought something in the currently lusted after 'holo' material that will still be relevant in a few months time (if I haven't worn them out by then). You'll see Jess's recent holo-haul on Friday - have you had one this season?

Erin xx

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