Monday, 28 January 2013

Jeffrey Campbell Back Offs

So today's post was in serious jeopardy of not existing. I'm not sure if it's featured much on non-Australian news but there is some serious flooding happening in my area of South East Queensland. I was without power for about 24 hours and I am beyond thankful that that is the worst my family will experience. For everyone facing floodwaters I wish you all the best and that your lives can get up and running again soon.

Right, back to shoes. These are the Jeffrey Campbell Back Offs. As a JC hoarder personally I wouldn't consider my collection complete without these shoes. Made famous by Black Milk these shoes are an awesome piece.

To me they are combination of combat and figure-skating boots. Sounds weird but somehow it works. These are also the JCs I am most comfortable with wearing in the day time. They're only an inch shorter than Litas, but somehow that makes a big difference in my mind. In terms of comfort these are some of the best JCs I own. I have worn these all day and all night and my feet were right as rain. 

Mine were purchased from Solestruck, after they had been out of stock for forever. These are one of the few JCs I didn't wait to go on sale, as like the original Black Litas I don't think Mr Campbell will stop selling these. The boots are in a US7 and I find that they fit perfectly. In this instance I think a US7.5 would have been slightly too large. 

The only disappointment I have with these shoes is that the silver leather has crumpled on both shoes. This has been a complaint made by many on the Solestruck page, and even though I "waterproof" all my shoes I, unfortunately, faced the same issue. For a shoe that retails at around $170 I think the metal used on the Cap Litas (review here) could have been used for the Back Offs. 

Overall though the creasing doesn't affect the appearance of the shoes when you see them from a distance. As you can see in the above photos my favourite way to wear the shoes is laced most of the way up with the extra lace tied around my ankle. I find the laces on the boots to be really long and this is just the simplest way for my lazy self to tie them. 

Stay safe in the floods everyone and I'll see you all on Friday

Jess xx



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