Friday, 4 January 2013

Creepin' About

Creepers 01

Creepers 02

I'm sure there are more than a hundred derivatives of the title of the post I decided on, but I've never been one to resist a good pun. Yes I succumbed to the hype and invested in a pair of creepers about 6 months ago. Have I looked back? No!

These are the T.U.K. The Mondo Creeper Shoe in black leather which I picked up for around $40 on Karmaloop a while back. Although there are a million and one creepers floating about on eBay these days I wanted to purchase a solid real leather pair, although I couldn't quite justify a splurge on an Underground pair. 

With a 2 inch platform this pair stand slightly taller than most creepers and I have been loving the extra height boost during the day. Something to note is that these shoes run in unisex sizing so mine are in a US5 which is the equivalent of a women's US7. 

There are definitely a few drawbacks to the shoes that I found initially. First and foremost being the weight. Out of curiosity I weighed them and they tip the scales at just over 1.5kgs. They are seriously hefty shoes. Because of this weight they did leave the most horrendous blisters initially. They took a good three months to break in properly as well because the leather at the heel is so stiff. My poor feet, I apologise for what I did to you. You may notice in the pictures above some suede heel inserts, I highly recommend those for these shoes. Mine are super comfy now and a shoe I would hate to be without. 

For me creepers are the perfect way to grunge up an outfit, or add a bit of interest to a plain one. They were worth the initial pain, and now I shall be wearing them for years to come. 

Jess xx

P.S. Just realised there are a few sizes left on Karmaloop here if you fancy them for yourself

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