Saturday, 29 June 2013

At Home | Bamboo Baby

Another Saturday, another day to wander around and purchase random goodies. Last week it was the 9th-wonder-of-the-world doona jacket. This week, it was some home freshening delights from a little 'old worldy' boutique near my new home. I knew I didn't want to spend a lot but also that I wanted to buy something completely unnecessary. Surprisingly, the shop was amazingly well priced and I walked out having made a very small $26.80 dent in my wallet. 

What you see here is a refill bottle for a fragrance diffuser with which I going to break all of the rules. As much as I love fragrance diffusers, I can be fairly impatient with the speed that I attain a fragrance and, frankly, they simply do not act fast enough. Hence, I purchased the teeny tiny atomiser you see to the right of it. If you're wondering what 'Bamboo Forest' smells like, imagine the scent you inhale when you walk into a cold room at the flower markets. That sudden burst of natural fragrance is what Ashleigh and Burwood have manage to bottle and put at my fingertips for an instant and lingering freshness. Not quite bamboo but so much better. 

The third item you see above is a bar of himalayan salt soap, something I've never tried before. They had quite a range of products made from this but this bar looked the most straight forward and versatile to use. I haven't tried it yet but have advice from the sales assistant to be fairly gentle with this product. I only really plan to use it on my tougher skin i.e. elbows, feet etc. I will definitely update you on this product if I find it either amazing or horrible. 

Hope you're all enjoying you weekends.
Erin xx

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