Wednesday, 13 August 2014

OOTD | Collected Comfort

Light-wash waisted and cuffed jeans - thrifted / white collared button-up - thrifted / embroidered pink cardigan - vintage via Ra Ra Superstar / 'Grandpa' loafers - vintage via Shag Vintage / The Jackson Sunglasses by *MKL Accessories - Karmaloop

Here I am again presenting you with the epitome of my style, all totally second hand (minus the sunglasses). I think I will again try to convince you of how well shopping second-hand can suit any, and every, human and their individual style. Aside from the very obvious societal and environmental benefits (reduce, reuse, recycle people!) there are major benefits in regards to personal styling efforts. 
I for one hate to look as though I have been dressed entirely by one particular shop or label (and Lifeline doesn't count!). I am also aware that some people do desire to look that way so go right ahead, don't stop on my account but take a gander at why you could alter your ways slightly. 

The world has been mass producing clothes for over 50 years now and so, with the exception of those garments totally worn to death, there are a lot of items still in existence and still being created. You have decades of clothes to choose from, why settle with what is on the rack this week in 2014? 

I don't have too much to say about this outfit in particular except that I adore every piece and have for a long time. These were my first pair of jeans purchased by myself (i.e. sans mother) and also the first pair of jeans that I didn't truly hate. They have served me so well over the years and I hope for many more; I think I paid under $10 for these. My blouse was picked up in a 'fill-a-bag-for-$5' type scenario; again a veteran in my adult wardrobe. The cardigan was one my first vintage purchases back in 2010 at an antique fashion fair in Paddington. The lining is a bit worse for wear but it is so warm and adds a lovely dash of classic style to any outfit. My shoes speak for themselves: well worn grandpa shoes.

I hope to wear all of these garments till the end of their life but if I don't they will be returned to the cycle they once came from. 

What clothing life have you revived recently? 

Happy Wednesday! 
Erin xx

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