Friday, 22 August 2014

Hair | Crown Braid

Hello lovelies! So after having short hair for quite some time I have really been enjoying being able to play around with plaited hairstyles. I learnt to braid by playing hair dresser to my younger sister. I've been loving this hairstyle to keep my hair out of my face during long uni days. And you don't have to worry about any tension headaches. 

I start off my separating my hair into two even sections and tie one side up so it's out of the way. The trickiest part of this style is definitely the dutch braid going from the back of the head to the front. I find the best way to manage it is to just go slowly and keep a tight hold on the hair. Try to curve the braid around the side of your hairline. It'll make for a much better end result. 

Then just go ahead and plait a dutch braid on the other side as you normally would. As I am right handed I find it easier to plait from the bottom of my hair on the right side of my head, and plait down from the left. 

Then it's time to pull the braids loose. I tend to pull mine out quite a bit as I think the style looks better when it isn't super neat. Once you have the braids looking nice and full just wrap and pin the two braids. I hide the hairbands underneath the braid on the other side. It will depend on the layers in your hair, but just pin sections as needed. 

I pull out a few pieces once everything is pinned into place just to have a few layers around my face. And that's it over and done with. I often tend to finish with a spritz of hair spray just to make sure everything stays put. 

Let me know about any other braid styles you think I should try.

Jess x

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