Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Nails | Maybelline Forever Strong Gel Nail Colour

It is no secret that when Priceline puts on a good sale, I rock up with bells on and my wallet at the ready. The last week or so has seen all Maybelline New York products at half-price and I picked up quite a few goodies. Included in my haul were these three shades from the new (to Australia) Forever Strong range. With the discount applied these babies came down to less than $4 (normally $8) which my impulse-buying self thought (and still think) is a great bargain. 

The shades I picked up were Enduring Pink 125(pictured), Eternal Lilac 210, and Surreal 635. I adore girly pastel shades on my nails so its a miracle I didn't haul more of the current range; although, I might. For me, with nails that flake and chip instantly, nail polish is a very short term thing so more than 24 hours with minimal chipping is a miracle. I've had Enduring Pink on since yesterday afternoon, have been at work all day and have two chips on my right hand but they're hardly noticeable. So far I am very impressed. 

Another thing that impressed me with this product is the brush and the ease with which it applies. Super easy and only two coats necessary to get a solid opaque colour. 

I can't wait to try out the other colours and maybe add a few  more to my collection while they're so cheap. 

Happy Sunday nail lovers!
Erin xx

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