Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Shoes | London Rebel Stereo

London Rebel Stereo in Black and White - available here

Welcome to Brisbane, where the summer sandal hauling starts in September and never seems to end. About a week ago Jess walked into my work wearing these beauties in white. We then proceeded to walk back to where she bought them (earlier that day) where I purchased both of these on the spot. 

I knew if I liked them and thought I'd wear them till they died, I would no longer be able to repurchase another pair; oh the woes of having large feet. I was also fairly impressed with the quality of them for such cheap knock-offs. I wore the black ones on a night out and hardly knew I was wearing shoes. To wear new shoes without pains in my feet or blisters by the end of the night is sadly very uncommon and these shoes delivered on the supreme comfort front. 

I'm yet to wear the white ones out - I had to keep them clean for the photographs - but I have so many outfits planned for them in my head. Jess has a super cute OOTD coming up with these beauties on which I absolutely adore. We also managed to convert (with very little effort) my friend Tara to these as well. She told me last night she couldn't resist picking up the white pair. If you recall her fashion from the feature I did on her a while back, they are most definitely her style. 

I wish I'd had these a little earlier as I'd love to pair them with some cute over-the-knee socks but hopefully they last through until autumn next year. 

These are probably the nicest of the knock-offs of this style that I've seen around - and probably the cheapest too. Let me know in the comments what sandals you're hoping to don this spring/summer or what you did wear if you're in the Northern Hemisphere.

Erin xx


  1. Love the black ones!
    Cool blog! Following you on BLoglovin, hope you'll follow me back! <3



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