Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Mix | Brow Hunting

Prestige Ultimate Brow Definer in 02 Toffee available here/ Maybelline New York Master Shape by Eye Studio in Soft Brown available here (pictured L - R)

You may recall a few weeks ago I posted a review of a random Japanese Brow Pencil that I found in Daiso. That delightful addition to my makeup routine ran out a lot quicker than I thought and when I went back to repurchase it was no longer on the shelf. Ever since I have been on the quest for it's replacement and it has been way more challenging than I thought.

Designer Brands Australia Brow Pencil in Brunette: I started naively by purchasing the first product I found in my unfortunately small local discount drug store. It is the top colour on my hand swatches and is 162 Brunette by Designer Brands Australia. Of the four I have recently tried it happens to be my least favourite. I am most definitely a brunette and have fairly dark eye brows so I did not expect this product to be so wrong. A good description of what I looked like when I tested this product out would be a poorly drawn caricature. It is also a product that requires sharpening which annoys me in a product I use everyday. Also I much prefer a product with a spooly brush instead of one-sided brushes. Sadly, this cheap product is not for me.

Prestige Ultimate Brow Definer in 02 Toffee: after such disdain with the first product I went with a recommendation from Jess to try this product by Prestige. A depiction of my adoration for this product is that it has now run out. It has the perfect amount of waxiness that I like for my brows. Mine are fairly thick and unruly so it helps to keep them in place. The colour is almost perfect and definitely accurate enough to use everyday 
(see second colour down in swatches). This product also has really great packaging. I've mentioned my love for self-sharpening products and Prestige combined that with an effective spooly brush on the other end. When my other usable products run out I will definitely be repurchasing this.

Maybelline New York Master Shape by Eye Studio in Soft Brown: I purchased this product at the same time as the Prestige Ultimate Brown Definer because I was prepared for at least one of them to be awful (learning from experience) and I needed new product ASAP. Surprisingly, I like this product a lot too! The colour is probably the most accurate that I've found to date and has a great waxy consistency. As you can see on the third swatch down it is the lightest of the four but this makes it super easy to build upon. My biggest complaint with this product is the packaging. The reason I finished Prestige's product first is because I could not figure out how to sharpen or twist Maybelline's. I finally plucked up the courage to push my sharpener hard enough to soften the waxy pencil exterior (very confusing) and can now use the product. If I could have this product in a windup form I would be so much happier. However, depending on price and how I feel at the time I will probably repurchase this product as well.

Models Prefer Retractable Eyebrow Pencil in Medium: to be entirely honest I haven't given this product a respectable amount of time to grow on me (as products usually do) but these are my first impressions. This is another recommendation from Jess who likes her brow products a little less waxy than myself. After quick deliberation on colour for a while in store I think I should have chosen the darker option. You'll notice in the swatches that it has the most red undertones of the four (see last swatch). I'm not entirely sold on the texture of it yet either but like I said I need to experiment some more. I am a massive fan of the packaging though. Just like the Prestige product it is a wind up self-sharpening pencil and has a nice spooly brush on the other end. 

I am very new to the world of brow pencils and the like so if you have any suggestions of other products I should try please let me know. I have found products I like but I sense this will be an eternal hunt for perfection.

Happy Sunday lovelies,
Erin xx


  1. I have recently been on a very similar quest! I also like the Maybelline one but find the Models Prefer is a bit too soft. You should check out the Almay and Physicians Formula brow pencils - I've been really happy with them. And they are both wind-up too :) Jess R x

    1. Yay thanks Jess :) I hadn't heard much about the Almay or Physicians Formual ones but I'm definitely willing to give them a whirl after recommendations xx



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