Monday, 9 September 2013

OOTD | Teenage Dirtbag

 Jacket UNIF Boneyard Moto / Shirt MINKPINK Teenage DIrtbag Tank / Belt American Apparel / Shorts American Apparel / Shoes UNIF Grail Platforms
Hi lovelies! This outfit is a big mish mash of my favourite brands. I took advantage of the last cool days to wear my banging new jacket from UNIF out during the daytime. I had been eyeing it since it's release and enabled by a recent DollsKill sale it was finally mine. 

Similarly the MinkPink shirt was purchased on the cheap from Dissh. I buy the vast majority of my clothing online due to a lack of stockists and it being much much cheaper. However the Dissh sale section has some really quality pieces in it lately. I find sale hunting online much easier than in person so that's where the majority of my bargains tend to come from. 

I think the Wheatus song is a secret pleasure of everyone around my age and I challenge you to sit through the entire video without at least miming the lyrics. Sadly for my family I have no qualms with belting out the entire song ...oops.

The belt and shorts are making yet another appearance. Is it clear that these are my favourite shorts ever? I am contemplating a purchase of the Sunflower print version for summer. Or perhaps I shall be sensible and purchase them in a darker wash? We shall see. 

I recently posted a review on the UNIF Grail Platforms (handy link here), but since then I have had more of an opportunity to put them through their paces. I have come to the conclusion that they are ridiculously comfortable and they are perfect for stomping about in all night. 

As I mentioned in my previous post my hair is now pink. I feel like I have been keeping you all in suspense over it, but I promise there will be a post up on Friday so make sure to check back then.

In a bit of shameless self-promotion Erin and I have also started up a FaceBook page for the blog. If you want to keep updated on our latest blogposts and the like the head on over here and like away

What are your favourite guilty pleasure songs? Is there a song you can't resist belting out? For any fellow 90s girls I am sorry for stealing a large portion of your time, click if you dare.

Jess x


  1. uhhh i'm dying over this outfit. been lusting after those shoes!! you look amazing girl <3 xx

  2. The shoes are so worth the investment! I have been wearing them non-stop!
    Jess x



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