Friday, 20 September 2013

The Top Five | September

Hi lovelies! With winter well and truly over in Brisbane I thought it was time for a post on the things I have been loving the most over the past couple of months. It's been a while since my last top five post, but essentially it's my way of doing favourites. There are a couple other of these posts if you fancy a scroll back through the archives. 

Music: AlunaGeorge 'Body Music'
I have a playlist in the works for next week with all my recent discoveries on it so I won't babble on too much here. I have been listening to a really odd mish mash of electronic and classics recently, but the stand out has definitely been Aluna George. This London duo's debut album Body Music has been on high rotation on my iPod.

Fashion: Plaid

Even though we're moving into the warmer months I am still obsessed with plaid. It's all over the place in the Northern Hemisphere for winter and I refuse to give it up just because it's summer. Above are some recent plaid features on the blog, and there are many more items yet to be photographed. 

Shoes: Black Platforms

In case you didn't figure it out from my recent batch of shoe reviews I have been slight obsessed by clunky black platform shoes. Above are the Jeffrey Campbell Siobhans and the UNIF Grail Platforms. If you want more details of the shoes I have done reviews on both of them here and here. They're so practical for everyday wear as the platform makes them so comfortable. 

Reading: A Song of Ice and Fire Series

Over my winter holidays I finally gave into the hype and watched all three seasons of Game of Thrones. In about one week... It's just so addictive! Currently I am devouring the books. Due to all my university work at the moment I haven't had the time to read as much as I'd like, but it won't be long before I've made my way through all of them. 

Television: Dexter

At the time of publishing there is currently only one episode of Dexter left. Ever! I don't quite know what I'm going to do with myself once it's over. I have been watching the show religiously for such a long time and will be very sad to see it finish. I'm sure I'll be spending a chunk of my summer hols re-watching it from start to finish.

So as you can see not a load of beauty bits and bobs recently. I can get so caught up talking about my latest shoes or lipstick, so I think it's a nice change to let you see my other interests. 

What have you been obsessed with lately? 

Jess xx

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