Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Playlist | Now We Wait

Unite - Bliss N Eso
Conjure Up a Fire (ft. Kate Martin) - Chance Waters
Since I Left You - The Avalanches
London's Burning - The Temper Trap
Next Frontier - Bliss N Eso
Better in Spain - Fatty Gets a Stylist
Underground - Washington
The Little Things (ft. Rainbow Chan) - Chance Waters

Usually when I post a new playlist I like to give a fairly indepth explanation of where my inspiration for its creation came from. Today's will post be slightly different. Jess and I want to keep this blog separate from our political opinions and as light hearted as possible. However, recent events in Australian politics has somehow got me listening to more and more songs that I believe to be voicing important opinions. I've also been wanting to post a playlist again for quite a while now and figured this would be a good opportunity to have my own opinions heard through others voices... And to keep it fairly lighthearted for your enjoyment.  

If you're Australian and disgruntled with the recent election results or just continually frustrated with decisions that people in power make all over the world, this music is for you. 

Feel free to share links to your own favourite songs written in political protest in the comments. 

Erin xx

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