Tuesday, 3 September 2013

OOTD | Rising To The Occasion

Cream Sleeveless Blouse - Thrifted / Black A-Line Skirt - Barkins / Black Waist Belt - American Apparel / Giffee Heels - Aldo Rise via Aldo / Choker - Vintage

Hold up! Yes, I am in heels. Yes, this is the first pair (not flatforms) I've been seen in on the blog. It's taken me far too long to figure an outfit for these beauties which can often be the case with such eclectically patterned and coloured shoes. I feel they definitely hold their own and require showcasing alongside a classic and polished outfit. 

I laid eyes upon these shoes about a year and a half ago in Aldo. I had recently made the decision that my shoes were all too boring and I needed to splurge on more interesting shoes when I found one-off statement pieces. I think I hesitated for two days before I ran back in store to claim these. In all honesty, I have not worn these out of the house. They're white and incredibly dainty; can you blame me?! I'm terrified of scuffing their shiny heels. This is my dream outfit for whenever the perfect occasion arises to wear them (preferably driven to and from a seated event). 

As stated, the rest of my get-up is very understated. The simple cream silk blouse I found thrifting one day. You can never have too many of these so I always try to snap them up in any colour I find. The skirt has been featured so many times on the blog as it the perfect staple a-line skirt. I pinched the belt from Jess as she fortunately had it with her while we were taking these photographs. I have a similar one but it sits much better on my hips as opposed to my waist. 

My second favourite item in this outfit, aside from the shoes, is the choker you see around my neck. I scored this in a tiny ghostly vintage store. I spent several hours in this particular store and walked out over loaded in amazing goodies. The next time I ventured back to this local store it had disappeared as though it were never there. So sad to lose such an amazing treasure trove. 

Have you splurged on any extravagant items of late? Or ages ago and are still waiting for the 'perfect occasion'?

Hope you're all getting through your Wednesday; mine is dragging on to no end. 
Erin xx

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  1. Your shoes are marvelous! I spent a good minute figuring out if the blur was in fact a pattern or an edit I'd be thrilled to have this in my closet! Sadly my own shoe collection is extremely limited




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