Saturday, 17 August 2013

Shoes | UNIF Grail Platforms

 UNIF Grail Platforms (available here and here and also here)

Hi lovelies! You remember how I mentioned I've been splurging on shoes lately ...yeah here's the latest damage. As soon as I saw these shoes on UNIF's instagram I was obsessed. Sadly there was virtually nothing written about them online, even the UNIF website didn't tell me how tall the shoes were. Eventually Solestruck came to my rescue and the shoes a 4.5 inches with a 2.75 inch platform. 

I'm pretty well versed in UNIF shoes and generally I wear a US size 8. Unfortunately UNIF don't make half sizes otherwise I would get a 7.5. However because of the style of shoe and lack of ankle support I opted to size down to a 7. Solestruck (who are very helpful when it comes to sizing) also say that the shoe runs about a half size larger. Thankfully these are the perfect fit, snug enough to prevent toppling whilst allowing circulation.

Being no stranger to platform shoes I find these very comfortable and easy to walk in. The lack of ankle support might prove a challenge if you're new to heels, but it wouldn't take long to get used to it. 

Now I have to admit I did bypass the trend for sticking crosses on anything and everything. Even as a non-religious person I thought it seemed a little dismissive of the importance of the symbol. However I really love these shoes. I think the rings make it fairly subtle and from a distance you wouldn't notice the detail. 

As these are a new style for UNIF there isn't much in the way of reviews. I wanted to get mine out there as soon as possible to shoe what a great quality pair of shoes they are. 

How would you wear these shoes? I can't wait to style them up with a tartan skirt and a bad tee. I'm all about the 90s school girl chic. That's totally a trend right?

Jess xx

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