Friday, 9 August 2013

Shoes | Jeffrey Campbell Meyer Light-Up Sneaker

 Hi lovelies! So up until recently I had been very good (by my standards) and had not purchased any new shoes. Well that has gone rapidly downhill in the last two or three weeks and I'll be posting reviews of all the pairs as they arrive. I blame the crazy sale prices and Urban Outfitters' free shipping. 

Now I am not generally a fan of sneakers, particularly the thousand and one Isabel Marant wedged sneaker lookalikes that were floating about last year. However these shoes are different. These shoes light up!

When I'm looking to buy a new pair of shoes I always look for a review online, particularly when it comes to JCs. However, there wasn't a lot anywhere on the net about them. But I can see why, it's particularly difficult to catch the lights on camera, especially during the day. The above pictures feature me stomping about like a loon trying to catch them in action, but I'm afraid I didn't fare too well. I may have to post an instagram video when I wear these out one night. 

Despite the shoes lighting up with your every step I think they are a very wearable pair of shoes. If you don't fancy impersonating a Christmas tree then there is an off switch on the inside of the shoe. I have been wearing them to work the last couple of days and although the patent material was a little stiff at first they are a very comfortable pair of shoes. 

These shoes are available in half sizes, however I sized up to an 8 as JC sneakers tend to run small. The larger size fits perfectly so if you're debating on a size I would recommend a half size to a full size up depending on how wide your feet are. 

Happily they're on mega clearance right now at NastyGal and UrbanOutfitters with most sizes still in stock. They're slightly cheaper on NastyGal, but you will have to factor in shipping. Urban Outfitters does free shipping for orders over $50 so chuck a snazzy pair of socks onto your order and your new shoes will be on their way free of charge. 

I am working late tonight so these shoes will be cheering me up on my walk home. It's a major nostalgia kick having light up trainers again. As a kid mine were purple with red lights, how about yours?

Jess xx

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