Monday, 26 August 2013

OOTD | The Canadian Tuxedo

Hat UNIF Concho Hat via NastyGal / Jacket Vintage Levi's / T-Shirt The Mountain via Dollskill / Belt American Apparel / Shorts American Apparel / Shoes Jeffrey Campbell Meyer Sneakers

Hi lovelies! After Erin's last OOTD post with her The Mountain shirt I've also decided to jump on the bandwagon. Usually I am a big fan of an oversized tee, but when I saw this one on DollsKill, I opted for a shirt that's actually my size. 

This look might not be for everyone it's very ...denim-y. I admit I've always been skeptical of double denim as a trend, but this outfit really works for me. It plays off the monotone outfit trend. So here I am all in blue, with a few sneaky black accents, naturally.

The shorts are a firm favourite of mine, and though an expensive choice they have washed and washed and are still in perfect condition. When it's stinking hot in summer nothing beats a pair of denim shorts and a crop top. Bring on the cliches!

I've reviewed the shoes on the blog before (link above) so I won't bother you all with the details. Suffice to say I have been wearing them to death. With my Converse well and truly wearing out these are a great replacement. 

My jacket is another item that I wear all the time. When I don't feel like wearing all black (a rare occurrence) this is always the jacket I reach for. These jackets sell for a bomb in vintage stores but with some patience you can pick them up for a steal on eBay. 

So this outfit ended to be a bit of a mish mash of items I've already featured, but it just goes to show that (sadly) my wardrobe is not unlimited. With the constant "hauling" and outfits on blogs and YouTube I think it's very easy to get sucked in and buy clothing that doesn't get worn enough to justify the cost. 

Now by no means am I saying that I'm going to cut down on shopping (I'm too addicted). But I am more interested in investing in pieces that I can wear again and again. Does this mean I'm growing up? Who knows. 

What items have you invested in lately? Do you have a favourite clothing piece that you can wear and wear and wear?

Jess xx

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