Wednesday, 7 August 2013

OOTD | Glittery Weaves

Chambray shirt - thrifted / Pullover - vintage / Black A-line skirt - Barkins / Black opaque stockings - VooDoo / Black leather 'GG Rider' riding boots - Greg Grant

I told you so, I really do love an eccentric knit; the brighter the better. This probably one of my favourite and most worn knit purchases and I owe it all to spontaneous purchasing with a voucher to the Woolloongabba Antique Centre that Jess gave me a while back. Its neon pink and purple patterns confused with a spattering blue glitter thread make me so happy just by looking at it. 

Even though I keep having Jess photograph my outfits and it may appear like cognitive thought has gone into selecting them, mostly, they're chosen very early in the morning while I sleepily get ready for work; basically created out of need for warmth and comfort. Unfortunately any of my more 'creative' outfits are often not captured because of my lack of Jess and her handy-dandy camera. However, my obsession with crazy bright patterned clothes makes interesting outfits easier to put together.

My chambray shirt features once again as it is probably one of my most worn staples underneath and on top in outfits all year round. Like-wise is the basic a-line skirt that you can see a fragment of underneath my 'Cosby-style' jumper. 

You see beside in the first photo the mountains of luggage I carry with me when I go from a full day at work into my marathon evenings at university. Those two bags are my most loved and well used of my entire life (school bags aside). They both have perfect not-too-long-not-too-short handles that fit comfortably over my shoulders and provide me with bottomless pits to store my kit.

Hope you're all having a lovely week. As I post this I am halfway through my third week of full-time work combined with part-time university... This blog and creating content for it has become a real highlight of my weeks and I'm so glad I have a creative outlet.

Erin xx


  1. Cool post! Love the jumper!

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    (I'm a follower) :D

  2. love that sweater, nice.



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