Friday, 23 August 2013

Review | Lime Crime Velvetines

 Lime Crime Velvetines (L to R) Suedeberry, Red Velvet

Hi lovelies! How many red lip products can I buy before it's classed as an addiction? Or am I well and truly past that point now? The Lime Crime Velvetines are the latest addition to my collection and it's love. 

They meet all the criteria that I want in a lipstick: matte finish, long lasting and bold colour. Now I'm new to Lime Crime as a brand. After all the scandals revolving around the company I was a tad wary. However temptation outweighed the potential negatives and I am so glad it did. I've never tried any of their more "traditional" lipsticks so I can't comment on those, but the Velvetines are fantastic quality. 

The packaging for one is stunning. Frosted glass and metallic lids make for a very glam product. The applicator is well designed as well, and despite the pigmentation I didn't feel it necessary to apply these with a lip brush. 

The only bad thing about the Velvetines is that there are only two colours. Because I have no self control I bought both Suedeberry and Red Velvet. Suedeberry is a gorgeous coral-red that I can already tell will be a staple for me in summer. Red Velvet is a much deeper, more classic red. It's a universally flattering colour and is a colour that every girl needs in her lipstick collection. It's darker than my Hourglass Opaque Rouge in Raven (review here), so I definitely need both. 

Both colours are super pigmented and give opaque colour with one coat. They take a little while to dry down, but after that they don't move. I found that they lasted well throughout the day, but like any lip product a touch up was needed after eating. I would recommend a lip brush for touch ups as it prevents you from applying too much product. Applying more than one coat creates a very thick look to the lip product so I prefer to just stick to the one. 

I bought my Velvetines from Karmaloop. However if you prefer you can also buy direct from the Lime Crime website. For my Aussie girls wanting to see the product in person they are stocked at Princess Polly.  

That's it from me today. Do you have any products that you can never have too many of? Have a great weekend, mine is going to spent working and assignment-ing, but at least my lipstick will look great! 

Jess xx


  1. ohhhh I'm so jealous, the colours look beautiful!

    ordaining serendipity

    1. They're so nice! I can't recommend them enough!

      Jess x



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