Thursday, 29 August 2013

Shoes | Jeffrey Campbell Siobhan

Jeffrey Campbell Siobhan in Black (available here)

Hi lovelies! Welcome to the latest episode of 'Jess is addicted to buying things'. Alright so it isn't the catchiest of names, but it is fairly appropriate. Recently Karmaloop were mean and sent a 40% off coupon direct to my email inbox. What's a girl supposed to do? These shoes were already on sale and with the added discount were a downright steal. 

I got my usual US 7.5 in these shoes, as I do with the majority of my Jeffrey Campbells. I would say they run true to size, if anything a tiny bit small. These shoes do run in half sizes so if you wanted to be extra careful you could size up. Karmaloop's return system is way too complicated to negotiate. 

I don't know if you can spot it in the photos, but I am sporting some pretty wicked blisters after wearing these out. If any of you have had the joy (read crippling pain) of breaking in creepers then you can sympathise with me here. A few blisters are to be expected with a new pair of leather shoes and they'll soon be fine. 

Apart from the blister issue these shoes are incredibly comfortable. I can see myself being perfectly content wearing these out for a full day's walking. The fact that they make me feel like a 90s school girl is an added bonus. 

I think that's about all I can say on these shoes. If you fancy them for yourself most sizes are still available on Karmaloop (link above). 

What's your opinion on the chunky platforms? Do you love them or hate them? I can't ever see myself being a stiletto girl, give me a comfy platform any day.

Jess xx


  1. AMAZING shoes! Love Jeffrey Campbell :)

  2. this is my fave omg!!!!!!! i have these too.. i wish they make one in white



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