Sunday, 11 August 2013

Review | Geranium Body Wash

Since starting A Rose and a Peony I've become a lot more involved in my beauty choices and aware of what is and isn't out there. This is a new post style for me but I thought I'd share my discovery with you. A while back I received a sample of Aēsop's Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser and became rather obsessed but also depressed as I knew how much a full size product would cost me. Shortly after finishing the sample, and during my contemplation of purchasing the full sized product, I stumbled across bx Earth's Hey Settle Petal whilst doing some groceries. When I saw geranium on the label I had to go in for a closer look as I had become hooked on the scent.

I shall now compare the two products for you as sometimes it can be a little hard to believe that a product from the supermarket shelves can be as good (if not better) than a higher end skincare brand. 
I'll start with my initial impression of Aēsop because I've never used another one of their products. I feel they are known most for being a producer of high-end skincare products with a clientele that is more aware of what they are putting on their body. Their packaging is clean and minimalistic whilst also informing the user of ingredients and directions. The product itself is pretty special. It is a low foaming body cleanser that's fragrance really lingers after use - definitely something I'm into when I love the scent so much. I find geranium to be a really lovely scent in the bathroom. I'm not a massive fan of fruity scents so when I find spicier floral scents I go a bit gaga. The one downfall of this product is the price... At $47 for 500ml of body cleanser I just couldn't justify it. 

Along came Hey Settle Petal, a marvellous alternative offering many if not more of the same benefits as the Aēsop product. This 500ml bottle (with a pump! woo!) was about $5 from Coles and has totally exceeded expectations. bx Earth prides itself on being a wholly Australian company (as does Aēsop) which includes using 'the finest natural Australian botanical based ingredients' and their products are free from all 'petrochemicals, sulphates, parabins, artificial fragrances, synthetic colours, mineral oils or animal derivatives.' The fact that this product not only functions amazingly (low foaming body cleanser that leaves your skin feeling great), offers the rich geranium scent I adore, and is made in a method that appeals to my environmentally  and socially conscious side is pretty neat. 

I've since purchased a hand wash from bx Earth and believe I may continue to be a loyal customer when they, hopefully, release more products. I'm not always looking for a great beauty bargain but I do love it when I find one, especially when the quality of the product is equal to if not better than a higher end line like Aēsop.

Hope you've had a swell weekend. Jess and I are off to cook some delicious lamb shanks (stay tuned for follow up recipe).

Erin xx

PS. Why wouldn't you buy a product with a pun in the title? 

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