Friday, 7 June 2013

May | The Top Five

So as another month draws to a close I have another top five for you guys. If you want to read about the concept behind the post then you can see the original here. 

Let's get straight into them...

Music: Daft Punk 'Random Access Memories'

No surprises here. Like just about everyone else in the world I am in love with their latest album. I thought departing from their usual sample-filled style was a really bold move by them with electronic music today being so sample driven. It totally paid off though and showcases them as musicians. There was a fantastic interview by Pitchfork that's really interesting read (link here). In case you're craving Daft Punk as much as I am they've announced that they will be remixing the entire album and releasing it later on this year. 

Gadget: Canon EOS 60D
For my birthday last month I got a very exciting new toy. A Canon! I am so excited to learn everything about this little baby and take some awesome photos for this internet space. Erin can confirm I have been reading a ridiculous number of photography blogs, I have been using it to procrastinate from revising for exams. 

Beauty: Hourglass Rouge Opaque

Just in case any of you missed it I did a post on this lipstick here. To cut a long story short, it is probably my new favourite red lipstick. The Hourglass Rouge Opaque in Raven... be still my beating heart. This is a truly fabulous statement and I'd highly recommend it to everyone. 
Fashion: Dungarees

Ever since I bought them I have been obsessed with my dungarees. They are one of those pieces that you can just throw and be super comfy. I did an outfit post on these babies here, Despite the recent chilly weather I have been throwing these on with jumpers and tights for a slightly warmer take on the trend. 

Shoes: UNIF Hellbounds

Alright so as Erin pointed out I don't actually have this pair of shoes in my possession yet... But May shall be remembered as the hunt for the Hellbounds. I finally decided to take the plunge and buy these shoes, but they were sold out EVERYWHERE. FInally Solestruck came through and my pair are on their way to their new home. Expect a shoe unboxing from me in the not too distant future. 

Hope you don't mind, but with two of us running this internet space, you guys end up with two sets of favourites. 

What were you obsessed with in May?

Jess xx


  1. I really want a pair of Hellbounds but Im just way too tall to ever wear them (Im 6ft :( )
    Jessica xx

    1. You'd look amazing in them. Total glamazon!
      Jess xx



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