Sunday, 9 June 2013

Review | Illamasqua Blush Duo

Swatched. Top - Bronzerella Bottom - Beg

Hi lovelies! Today's post is going to be a review (slash rave) about a new Illamasqua product. Definitely one of my favourite makeup brands. They're always releasing something a little bit different and everything I've tried from the brand has been fantastic quality. 

Today is no different. This is their Blush Duo in Beg/Bronzerella. Bronzerella is a frosted copper. I must confess I am a little terrified of putting this colour on my cheeks without having a serious tanning session first, but I have been loving wearing it as an eyeshadow. It makes for a quick, one-shadow smokey eye that I have been wearing everyday since I bought it. Bronzerella is exclusive to the duo, and can't be bought separately.

However the two colours co-ordinate very nicely on eyes and cheeks so the duo is by no means a waste of money. Beg is a matte rosey colour that gives that elusive 'been-out-in-the-cold' flushed look to the cheeks. Definitely use a light hand with this blush though because it is packed full of pigment. This a permanent colour in Illamasqua's regular blush line and can be purchased individually. 

This duo keeps to Illamasqua's high standards and I would highly recommend it. It's so handy for travelling as well with your eyeshadow and blusher together in one pretty package.

If any of you fancy this duo it is available online here or from selected Myer counters for $39. 

This duo has further fuelled my love for Illamasqua and I'm now contemplating the UV top coat.

What are your favourite products from Illamasqua?

Jess xx


  1. Both colours are really nice. I want to try Illamasqua products
    Jessica xx

    1. They're such good quality for a fairly reasonable price :)
      Jess x



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