Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Winter Moisture

We all know the drill when it comes to the cooler change in seasons: dry skin, dry skin, and more dry skin. If you have a job that requires intense use of your hands you might know this pain better than others. I've compiled a post for you today of my favourite remedies for soothing the dry skin on your precious limbs. 

Make A Difference Rejuvenating Hand Treatment by ORIGINS - $29.00 from KIT Cosmetics

This first product is new to my collection. After two weeks at a new job I realised that I would need to take even more care of my hands that usual. I did the rounds of nail care (see Jess' post on nails for exactly what I bought as I took her advice) but had also heard about the wonders of this product. As it says on the label, this is a treatment and not a cream. If and when you apply you'll need to give it a significant period of time to soak into your skin - I normally apply right before I go to sleep so it can treat my hands over night. I've been using it for one week today and have noticed a remarkably amazing difference in the softness and resilience of the skin on my hands. 

Hand Cream with Vitamin F and Pomegranate by Swisse - sample from Priceline 

In contrast to the Origins Make A Difference, Swisse's new hand cream is one that you can apply multiple times during the day. I received this as a free sample recently and have gone through it ridiculously quickly. I am in love with the pomegranate scent and the quick and effective quality of this product. The one major downfall for me (and it isn't even that big) is that this is a sample size and the only size they have available for purchase is a huge pump bottle. I went to buy some more yesterday but am yet to find a suitable container that won't spill the decanted product in my bag. If you know what I'm looking for, please recommend it to me, I'm desperate. Alternatively, if you work for Swisse, PLEASE SELL THIS IN A SMALLER SIZE. 

 Heel Genius by Soap and Glory - $12.95 from KIT Cosmetics

It's always a bit of an icky topic to talk about but taking care of your feet pays off more than you think. My mum always had incredibly soft feet and it was ingrained in me from a young age that simple care of them can prevent nasties in the future. After wearing sandals through the summer, where my feet are exposed to the elements a lot more, I find this product to be one of the best out there. I always apply a generous amount before going to bed and within two or three treatments can see definite results. I've tried a lot of different moisturisers on my feet and this has to be numero uno. I love it ridiculous amounts and can't imagine how frustrated I'd be if I were still searching for the perfect foot cream. Oh and it makes your feet smell much better than they would on their own. 

QV Skin Lotion by EGO - $7.95 from most chemists

Of all the moisturisers in today's post, this has to be my most frequently used for the longest period of time. I think I was recommended this by my dermatologist at least seven years ago. I apply it generously to 90% of my body whenever I get out of the shower and it never fails me. At the moment I have the smaller travel size but normally I buy the biggest pump bottle available because I use such a large amount of it. They also stock a thicker product in a tub which I normally use in conjunction during the colder and drier months - especially on places like my elbows and knees. 

And those are my top four moisture recommendations for the winter. Let me know if you use any of these products or try them. I have sensitive skin but I know there are worse cases out there so some of these might not work for you. Also remember that the more you take care of your skin now the better it will look as you age. 

Happy Hump-day!
Erin xx

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