Friday, 10 May 2013

OOTD | Do you want to go to the seaside?

Jacket Levi's via eBay / Tank Thrifted / Skirt ASOS / Shoes UNIF Hellraisers / Backpack Thrifted / Hat Nasty Gal / Necklaces Vintage

For me a shopping outfit must be two things; comfortable and easy to change in and out of. Whilst I'm a big fan of layers negotiating them all off and then back on again whilst inside a tiny cubicle is not my idea of fun. It's my favourite kind of weather this time of year. Erin mentioned it in her previous outfit post, but the skies are clear and there's that slight chill in the air. 

I have been missing my layers over the summer and finally I can start getting out my favourite jackets. If asked I would be hard pressed to choose between my denim and leather jackets. During the day though denim tends to reign supreme. Especially with the sun beating down during the middle of the day. 

I have never really been a hat person, but after being inundated over the summer with northern hemisphere girls in beanies I am determined to become one. This burgundy number was snapped up from NastyGal with that intention in mind, and the $1.99 beanies on eBay have also been tempting. 

On the subject of eBay, they are blooming fantastic for vintage jewellery  I picked up a set of five chains, including the above two, for less than $30. Bargain and much better quality than anything from a cheapy accessory store.

The Hellraisers have been on the blog many a time, and remain a favourite shoe even in winter. I linked my review of them above if any new readers want to get some more info. Looking back that was one of our first posts, can't believe we're nearly at 100 posts already!

Do any of you love heading to the beach in winter?

Jess xx


  1. I love your hat! I wish I could pull one off as well as you do!


    1. Thanks so much!
      And you totally could I am just getting into hats now
      Jess x



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