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Friendly Fashion Features: Modern Classics with Honor

Dress by Lover the Label by Susien Chong - from 2010 Lover the Label Sample Sale

Welcome to the third instalment of Friendly Fashion Features. You've met Honor before if you're an avid reader of A Rose and a Peony but here she is again in much finer detail. And 'fine' is the most precise description of Honor's style. You'll notice in this selection of her favourite pieces the classic, refined effect that Honor's clothing preferences create. Honor's wardrobe is built upon quality staple garments sourced via well deserved splurges, designer sample sales or hefty vintage/thrift hauls. 

This first dress is what I've heard Honor dub the best thing she owns. At the time it was the most expensive thing she'd ever bought and I've also heard the 'no regrets' line used in association with it a few times. I feel this was also where Honor started her love for designer sample sales. The quality of this piece brings out the perfection of its simplicity. The structured sleeves and subtle details in the dĂ©colletage contrast beautifully with the dress's free flowing skirt. 

Polkadot pussy bow blouse - thrifted from the Camberwell Markets, Soft Serve A-Line Scallop Skirt in Navy - from Ra Ra Superstar

The next outfit that Honor put together for this feature is a fantastic reflection of her style's vintage influences. We found the polkadot pussy bow blouse together at the Camberwell Markets while she visited me in Melbourne and none of our party could look past it - we were baby sitting three kids at the time. Finding cheap yet versatile pieces like this blouse is key to creating a style like Honor's. With a wardrobe built on investment pieces it would be irresponsible to spend an equal amount on items that only add playfulness and life sporadically. 

The skirt is from a local vintage seller and re-make designer known as Ra Ra Superstar. They pride their own designs on their connection to vintage fashions but also on wearability in this day and age. This scalloped a-line skirt is a perfect example of how the 1960s and 70s can heavily influence a design but also look completely modern at the same time.

Blouse by Something Else - from Universal Store, Cult Skinny Jeans in Navy by Nobody - from Universal Store

As much as this next outfit looks more structured than the previous two, if you look closely, important aspects of Honor's style are still shining through. I'd say the main piece of this outfit is the Cult Skinny Jeans by Nobody. A classic cut of skinny jeans in a very versatile dark navy denim. These were a fair investment for Honor, even though she received a Universal staff discount, so selecting a pair that would be worn and styled with everything was essential. 

The subtle colour yet defined structure of the cream blouse lays the ground work for the vintage Tokito blazer you see below. This is yet another example of how Honor works vintage into her classic modern styling.

Black and white checked blazer by Tokito - Vintage

Sun and Moon lipstick by Bloom - from Myer 

Watch by Casio - from Universal

Silver Heart Tag Pendant by Tiffany & Co. - from Tiffany & Co.

1837 Circle Earrings in Silver by Tiffany & Co. - from Tiffany & Co.

If it wasn't already obvious from her clothing selections these past four closeups should have hit the nail on the head that Honor trusts the simplicity of classic staples - red lipstick, basic black leather around a gold watch face, and Tiffany's jewellery. These further accentuate her taste for well made and forever stylish pieces. 

Brown Leather 3' Clogs by Torpetoffin - from eBay

We now come to the last piece of Honor's feature which is a basic pair of brown leather clogs. The simple fact that she only chose the one pair of shoes is again a statement of confidence in her style. They match everything featured perfectly and, trust me, everything else she owns too. I remember her search for the perfect pair of clogs and I envy her luck with this pair. 

If her style is formed out of laziness like Honor proclaims then I think I must be doing something wrong with my own. Honor's classic yet individual taste, executed so beautifully, is something she'll have and be known for in years to come. 

I really hope you are enjoying my Friendly Fashion Features series. It's not over yet as I have one more fashionable friend up my sleeve. I also hope to continue finding and analysing more fashionable friends. 

Hope you're all having a splendid week.
Erin xx

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