Sunday, 5 May 2013

Review | Lasting Finish by Kate for Rimmel


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It's been quite some time since I purchased new lip product so I've let go and will probably be indulging in quite a few in coming months. Two that I'm reviewing for you today are 106 and 103 in the Lasting Finish by Kate range for Rimmel. I know they look identical in the photos but you'll see their striking difference in the swatch I've done below. 103 is the dusty pink at the top (and on the left above) and 106 is the hot magenta at the bottom (and on the right above). 

Jess can attest to the fact that I sampled every colour in this range and wanted them all so I'm sure these aren't the last two that I'll purchase. For matte lipsticks they are incredibly moisturising and apply like butter. I'm yet to fully discover their wearability but I've had a small bite to eat since applying for the first time and my lips still have full colour on them. 

103 is the most appropriate 'barely there' colour for my skin that I've found. The combination tones that my face possesses means that nude pallets anywhere but my eyes are fairly unsuitable and wash me out. 

106 will be my go-to lipstick for fancy outings in the next few weeks. I am a big fan of classic statement lips and this colour is exactly that. 

Look out for both these colours in coming OOTD posts.

Hope you're all having a jolly fine weekend!
Erin xx


  1. I've been meaning to buy some of these lipsticks, I love that dusty pink so I might have to get that one first :)
    Jessica xx

    1. I am so in love with the dusty pink - matches my lips almost perfectly! :) Erin xx

  2. These colors look fantastic! I cannot wait to buy some soon.

    Cheers, Kelsey.

    1. I wanted to take home ALL the colours. Such a nice collection. Erin xx



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