Friday, 3 May 2013

Nailing It

Hi lovelies! Let me preface this post by saying I am not much of a nails girl. Whilst I love a coat of colour I was (and still am if I'm being honest) a nail biter. Gasp! My secret's out. Recently though I have been good and have been trying to show my nails the TLC they need to get back into shape. 

In terms of base and top coats, I recently picked up the Revlon Colourstay pair. I've heard many a review claiming these are wonder products that will make your nail polish last and last and last. I've been wearing my current colour for 5 days and there are no chips, just some tip wear. There's also the added bonus of making your nails super shiny. 

I've also been getting more into nail maintenance. I find the whole routine quite relaxing in the evening. When I don't feel like wearing a colour on my nail I'm wearing OPI's Nail Envy. This is another product that receives mass hysteria in the blog world, and I completely understand why. It really helps my nails grow, and at least once a month I'll take a week off polish and just use this. 

Up until recently I refused to believe that my cuticles needed any attention whatsoever. Now two products have snuck in and become staples in my nail care. The cuticle remover I use every 2 week or so and the cuticle oil I keep by my bed in an effort to remind me to use it. So far it's working and my nails seem much less brittle than usual. 

Now onto the fun part. My uniform code allows the exciting colour options of red or nude so variety is not the spice of life for me. Above are the colours I wear on a regular basis Essie 'Sand Tropez', a near perfect nude shade, Illamasqua 'Throb', a red that wears really well, and OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, despite what the above picture shows on the nails this is a burgundy, not black. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect nude shade, but for now these colours are my staples. 

Only red may seem a little boring for some, but I love the classic look of red nails. Plus matching my lipstick to my nails is a breeze.

Have you got any nude nail suggestions?

Jess x

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