Monday, 6 May 2013

OOTD | $15 Outfit

 Shirt $3 Thrifted / Skirt $5 Barkins / Backpack $7 Thrifted / Shoes T.U.K. Mondo Creepers

Hi lovelies! Another day, another outfit post. This time I thought I would try for something a little different. I often can get caught up in the more expensive pieces that I own (and love) and I forget about the thrifty bargains I have snapped up over the years. 

This whole outfit, if you don't include the shoes, cost me $15 dollars. Man I love op shopping. This dress is proof that to find the gems you have to go hunting. This was hidden amongst the 16+ women's shirts. Perhaps on a larger lady this would indeed be a shirt, but for me it works perfectly as a dress. Although you can't see it in the above pictures I am wearing a black bodycon skirt underneath just as a precaution. The skirt was acquired through Erin with a useful staff discount and was brand new for only a fiver. 

The backpack was bought at the end of a day sifting through piles of clothes. I don't think I realised at the time how useful this bag would be. It's probably my most worn bag. I hate not having my hands free, so my favourite bags are backpacks. This little leather one is the perfect size for day-to-day, although I am on the lookout for something bigger to take to classes. 

It has been creeper central on the blog of late, but I just can't stop wearing these shoes. Admittedly they do blow the budget of my outfit out by quite a lot, but when I was putting this outfit together I realised I have outgrown all my black thrifted shoes. The only pair I have left were a white pair of trainers, which just would not have looked right. Personally I have always invested money on shoes rather than clothing so this is a fairly typical outfit for me. Hopefully the outfit still shows that you can get an awesome outfit through patience and searching, not just with a big wad of cash. 

Hope you guys had an awesome weekend. I spent mine with the lovely Erin ...op shopping. 

Jess x


  1. This is a really nice outfit :)
    Jessica xx



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