Monday, 27 May 2013

OOTD | Maxed Out

 Blazer Thrifted / Cardigan Thrifted / Dress MinkPink via Urban Outfitters / Boots Vintage via Etsy

One of things I miss most about summer are maxi dresses. They are so floaty and comfortable, so I'm always looking for ways to wear mine during the colder months. This MinkPink dress was in the Urban Outfitters sale and I snapped it up straight away. 

I am having a massive thing for MinkPink at the moment. I love all their recent releases and always waiting for things to go on sale. Although they're an Australian label I tend to buy most of my clothing from them as it works out cheaper. 

The colours in this dress are perfect for summer or autumn. I love deep red patterns and the fabric is very thin and relaxed. I bought this in a medium as I wanted it to be floaty and oversized. I have visions of a future me strolling down a beach in this, when summer finally comes back around. The slits in the dress are perfect as well. They add a huge amount of movement when you're walking. 

As for wearing this dress in the winter layering up is a necessity. In the pictures above I'm wearing a cream cardigan underneath an oversized blazer. Both of these were thrifty finds that I've been waiting to wear this winter. I love doing this in outfits, balancing out more expensive pieces with ones that cost less than a cup of coffee. 

I think brown leather and red really compliment each other, so these boots were the obvious choice. Sadly they've sold out but I have seen heaps being sold in stores in very similar styles. The added bit of height is much appreciated. 

I can never pass up an opportunity for a co-ordinating lip colour, and I have a review for this one coming up on Friday so stay tuned. 

Most of the time my style leans towards a darker colour palette. However, every so often I get a craving for a boho, relaxed outfit and this one certainly fit the bill.

How do you wear your summer pieces during the winter?

Jess xx

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