Wednesday, 22 May 2013

OOTD | I French You Not

Striped Polo Neck Top - Thrifted / Black Jersey Maxi Skirt - Barkins / Brown Leather Loafers - Shag Vintage / Brown Leather Belt - Thrifted / Black Leather Messenger Bag - Thrifted / Red-Heart Pendant - GOGO PHILIP / Sunglasses - Sportsgirl / L'Absolu Rouge 151 Lipstick- Lancôme

Oh Winter, you always come around too fast. There never seems to be a long enough gap of glorious weather between Summer and the season of frozen fingers and toes. In today's OOTD I'm taking serious advantage of this weather. It's still warm enough to wear a thin maxi skirt but its also cool enough that I can wear three a quater sleeve, polo neck, all black and not combust. 

You've seen this black maxi's twin featured on this blog before but last time, Jess was wearing it. As I worked at Barkins for five years I managed to score serious discounts on some fabulous basics. This skirt is in a super soft and comfortable jersey fabric. I've almost worn it to death which is quite sad. The leather loafers have already been featured quite a few times as well. They're a staple that I love to whip out on weekends (when I take most of my OOTD photos) because they cause too much pain to wear all day at work yet I love them too much to say goodbye. Same story with the messenger bag - it's a favourite weekend bag at the moment. 

This is the first OOTD I've worn GOGO PHILIP's Heart Shaped pendant in. I featured its purchase in one of my first blog posts ever (here) and thought it was about time you saw it styled in an outfit. I conveniently matched it with a lipstick by Lamcôme in a shade that has an almost identical shimmer through it. I'm not sure if this colour is still purchasable but it's called Absolute Red so I assume it belongs to a constant range (just checked and yes it is - win win!). 

The striped polo neck top and brown leather waist belt are both from a recent thrift haul I did with Jess. I'd been wanting a long sleeved crop in a black and white stripe for some time and had numerous styles saved on ASOS and NastyGal. I was so glad to find this ESPRIT one hiding in an op shop and couldn't help but snap it up. The belt was a bit of an impulse buy and at $1, why not? 

Hope you've enjoyed today's post. I thought it had a fairly French aesthetic hence the title. 

Happy hump-day,
Erin xx

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  1. I LOVE your sunglasses! Nice blog btw, just found it and really like it :)



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